Sally Makad began painting at the age of eight. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, attending Madison High School and Western Business College in Portland, Oregon.

Her Northwest background has influenced Sally’s work in a variety of media that include watercolors, oil and acrylics. Sally’s diverse paintings include Pacific Northwest subjects, portraits, outdoor wildlife and nature scenes. As an offshoot of her extensive world travels, Sally has developed an interest in painting urban scenes and cityscapes of historic municipalities throughout the World.

In high school, Sally won the Strathmore Award in New York City of her entry in the category of General Design. She continues art development and design to this day having held architectural and industrial design roles for special projects involving the Makad Global group of companies. Among the most interesting of these was the general design of the Riverfront Lodge on the Columbia River in Eastern Oregon and the design layout and ride prototype drawings for the Magic World™ Theme Park in the Middle East.

Several of Sally’s paintings have been donated to charities for fundraising projects. Her style is often referred to as a Pacific Northwest expressionistic interpretation of life, history and the natural world.